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5 Opportunities for investment in real estate

It is not a secret that people working in the real estate business can get impressive income. However, there is no need to be a real estate agent, broker, or mortgage expert to earn money in this industry. In fact, there is no need to get a certain qualification or special experience to be able to get profit. Every person who has savings and wants to invest funds to get income can take advantage of these 5 ideas and become a real estate entrepreneur.

Mutual funds

Known as professionally managed pool investments mutual funds offer investment in stock or bond connected with the real estate industry. Every investor can purchase a certain number of shares or units and get profit proportional to his percentage of shares in the general pool. Real estate mutual funds usually deal with property trading or any other directions related.

Since there are many mutual funds attracting investors, their choice must be careful. It is important to analyze the investment rules, previous profits, time of existence in the real estate market, and fees.


Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are corporations, trusts, or associations that make investments directly in real estate through properties or mortgages. They use stock exchanges for trading and people can invest in their shares. You can buy any number of shares and follow how they are going to perform in the market.

REITs are divided into three types including equity, mortgage, and hybrid ones. The first trusts invest in different properties including apartments, office buildings, shopping malls, and hotels. They generate revenue by offering this property for rent. Mortgage REITs loan money for mortgages, or purchase existing ones. Hybrid ones unite the activities of both types. 

Rentals for a short period of time

If you have property or want to invest money in real estate and earn on this, one of the best solutions for you is short-term rentals. It is not a secret that both commercial and residential rentals are a profitable business when you can get profit not only from the appreciation value but also from people who use these properties. At the same time, many experts believe that it is more profitable to opt for short-term rentals than long-term ones. If you have no time to deal with these services, you can hire a property manager who will coordinate the process for you. 

Invest in the companies focused on real estate

There are many companies that develop tools, supplies, services for real estate businesses and they do need investment to develop too. If you know such a company and see that it is rapidly developing and can bring up benefits, you can contribute to its growth with your money. 

You will agree that since the world is being changed by technology, it is better to choose such directions as an app and web development, VR, AI, 3D modeling and Virtual staging (, etc. 

Buying notes

It is not a rarity that many people who take a debt to buy property are unable to pay for it. Such housing is usually much cheaper and you can buy notes and use it as you wish. Naturally, if you buy such properties cheaply, you have huge chances to sell it for a bigger price and earn on this. In fact, there are two ways of earning money buying notes: foreclose the debt and get properties or restructure the payments and earn on the difference. 

Modern real estate business offers great opportunities for investors to get profits and we have offered 5 interesting ideas about how to become a real estate entrepreneur in 2020 too.